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GROWMEI is an emerging auto parts manufacturing enterprise founded in 2020.
We are located in Yuhuan, Zhejiang, which is known as Home of China's auto (chassis) parts.  There is a saying in autoparts industry that "where there is a road, there are cars, and where there are cars, there are parts from Yuhaun!”
Established by the "Experts” of autoparts, GROWMEI’s core team is a group of elites who have been in the auto parts industry for more than 10 years on average. Experience from domestic OE supporting projects to most frontline of AM parts markets, we know the vibe of this industry and most importantly, we know the demands & needs of end users.
Innovation is our key word; we pay more attention to the production process innovation and details renovation.
Our Spirit: 
Seek truth from facts, 
Quality first and 
Never stop improving.
In our first 5-year plan, the company’s focus is on the development of aluminum products including:
Suspension and steering system of passenger cars.
Forging control arm, 
Steel forging control arm, 
Forged aluminum parts and
Rubber-metal products.
At present, GROWMEI have completed the development of more than 200 models, covering products for Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other major car brands.  And we plan to have another 160 new models by end of 2022.

Contact Us

  • +86-17799668895 / +86-18968588087
  • wwei@gmeparts.com
  • 104299685
  • Bao Ren
  • Automobile and Motorcycle Industrial Park, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province